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Contin Luca is a company that produces advertising vehicles, mobile shops, bicycle trailers, kiosks and attractions for Luna Parks, light carpentry and products on customer request which have helped us build our history.

Our History

The CONTIN company was founded in 1921 from the founder Onofrio Contin who, at only 14 years of age, started as a carpenter craftsman. His passion for musical instruments drove him to build, in particular, violins and double basses and their sale extended beyond Italy to such an extent that the major buyers were Swiss and Austrians. In June 1932 he was awarded the silver medal at the 3rd National Violin Making Competition at the 14th International Trade Fair in Padua. World War II interrupted the business. After the war, Onofrio was joined by his brother Leonzio. The constant request to diversify their work led them to start building the first rides, caravans and various equipment for circuses and artists. The first rides and the first caravans were made entirely of wood; then iron began to be used, thus obtaining the first mixed creations (iron + wood), to arrive at the current attractions which constitute a set of different materials and metals and sumptuous luminous decorations. During the '70s, Onofrio's son joined the CONTIN group: Antonio, who brought new ideas, found new technical solutions which helped to improve and renew part of the production and, for some of these, a request was made to the competent body of the C.C.I.A.A. of Verona which issued the "Patent for industrial invention". The good quality of what is produced allows the CONTIN Company to propose and sell its rides and equipment, beyond national borders, reaching the European and non-European markets. The quality of the products, the seriousness and the continuous renewal in the production of attractions and equipment of various kinds for Luna Park, give prestige to the CONTIN brand and place the company among the leading companies in the sector.

The CONTIN company continues its evolution with his son Luca, proposing a range of new products such as: motor vehicles and vehicles for advertising, fixed and mobile advertising structures, special creations in steel, stainless steel, aluminium, fibreglass, fittings and equipment for various types of fixed shops and for street vendors. All this is the clear demonstration that CONTIN is a dynamic company always ready for innovation.


The good relationship we have with our customers allows us to compare ideas and design processes based on their needs.


We are able to work materials including iron, stainless steel, aluminum and fiberglass which allow us to create a vast range of products.


Thanks to the experience gained over time and the versatility of our creations, we can claim to be able to satisfy the various requests of our customers.